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Southeast Michigan

What does program success look like in Dearborn?

Dearborn has a rich legacy of innovation rooted in its industrial past, a legacy that has drawn residents from every corner of the globe. MiNextCities will draw on this legacy by modeling smart, culturally competent solutions for other mid-sized cities. What does it mean to use new age technologies to solve age old problems? And how can the environment be viewed as a form of technology, leveraging green infrastructure to remake Dearborn’s industrial footprint? These are just a few perspectives Dearborn is taking into the MiNextCities program as they build the smart, sustainable city its residents deserve for generations to come.

How will creating a smarter city in Dearborn affect the daily lives of its residents?

Being a smarter city means ensuring governance and built environment can foster better collaboration, connectivity and quality of life for residents in Dearborn. It means addressing air pollution so that outdoor spaces fuel imaginations rather than asthma rates. And it means adopting innovative solutions to mitigate flooding and manage stormwater so that a torrential rainfall does not spell disaster for thousands of Dearborn residents.